To meet the needs of our customers, partners and suppliers through the management of our business, ensuring the highest standards of quality, efficiency and competitiveness offering the best quality / price, high profitability and helping to improve the quality of life for all operators industry and development of our economy.

The commitment that we propose is constantly aimed towards an exclusive service for our customers in order to satisfy any different needs.

SAIANI COLORIFICIO/PAINT FACTORY inspires its activities to promotion, development and circulation of knowledge in the various business and technology sectors in SAIANI context of business.

This aim is to keep the work and ensuring a safe environment and people’s maximum protection, therefore the ethics is the guiding principle of actions and decisions taken by our commercial and technical team.

Our task adressed to our italian and foreign customers, is devoted in raw materials quality search and selection of and in the excellence of our products and services.


Sustainability principles in our business are referred to 3 key areas:

Activities in the areas of greater energy consumption must always be dedicated to the utmost energy saving